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Our Philosophy

Lux et Veritas Design is a collaborative studio of professional lighting designers focused on ensuring excellence in lighting. We use a holistic approach to strike a balance between the aesthetic goals of Architects and Interior Designers with the practical concerns of Developers, Owners and Operators. We provide creative solutions to sculpt spaces with light through the integration of innovative lighting and controls technologies. At the same time, we focus equally on budget, program requirements, long-term maintenance and energy conservation.

In an effort to maintain a satisfied Client base, we emphasize project quality and attention to detail. Our work reflects a comprehensive and thoroughly detail-oriented design process using state of the art software and relentless coordination techniques to ensure the most minute details are successfully implemented. We also perform in-house peer reviews to ensure our ability to deliver quality and accurate documentation.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our drive to maintain the integrity of our lighting design. We have found that the only way to do this consistently is to rigorously follow the budgeting process. We develop relationships with Contractors, Distributors, Electrical Contractors and Sales Agents in the local markets. This allows us to navigate the complex lighting procurement process and ensure our access to accurate costs. We then drive the pricing which results in a quality lighting design using products tailored for specific project needs. We believe our repeat client base and award winning projects are a testament to the success of our core approach.